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Denken über die Zukunft

Hannes Keller stellte sich die Frage "Wird es angesichts der Atombomben und der Mikrobiologie in 50 oder 100 oder 500 Jahren noch Menschen geben?"
Die Vorträge von Sir Karl Popper, Hans Jonas, Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Walther Ch. Zimmerli, Eduard Pestel (Club of Rome), Hoimar von Ditfurth, Hansjürg Mey, Hannes Keller
Symposium vom 12. / 13. September 1985 Veranstalter: Hannes Keller
(Bild: rechts Sir Karl Popper, links Hannes Keller)
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100 Poems Explained by a wet Nurse
(Hyakunin Isshu Uba ga Etoki)
By Katsushika Hokuasai (1760-1849)

World premiere in the internet of the complete facsimiles:

For me this is one on of the most rewarding intellectual and emotional adventures of my life. With great joy and humble respect I worked many weeks for the introduction and the commentaries
Hannes Keller Switzerland

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Hokusai's great works

Visipix' world premiere in the internet. The first complete facsimiles and new translations of all 15 volumes of Mangas, 100 views of the Fuji, the Life of Buddha, and more. Standard repros: The 36 (46) views of the Fuji. Hokusai started one of the most ambitious projects in art: Teaching us all how to see things with our own eyes.

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Tavik Frantisek Simon 1877-1942

Ein Besuch bei einem liebenswürdigen, endlich einmal "normalen" Menschen - warum eigentlich nicht?

A visit to a sympathetic and "normal" person - why not?

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Wissensmanagement und die kollektive Intelligenz

Aufsatz von Hannes Keller
Veröffentlicht im Buch beim VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
Wissens- und Werte-Management In Theorie und Praxis von Ellen Walter-Klaus, Andre Reuter

Wissensmanagement eine uralte Sache bei Mensch und Tier hat jetzt einen imposanten Namen. Zunächst geht es darum, die Ressource Wissen zB Handbuchtexte oder die Begründungen von supranationalen Verkaufsstrategien so zu verwalten dass das Kosten-Nutzenverhältnis optimal wird.

Es geht aber um sehr viel mehr. Der weise Umgang mit Wissen betrifft die gesamte Kultur der Menschen vom Alltag zur Religion und den im Unbewussten verborgenen Lebensregeln.

Die Verbreitung von solidem Wissen ist das einzige taugliche Mittel gegen Fundamentalismus und den damit verbundenen Terrorismus

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Tachibana Morikuni: Great Zen-painting

We made a mistake, we believed that these woodblocks came from Icho Sesshosai.

These woodblocks are inspired by Zen painting. The Zen philosophy values the presence of consciousness here and now. The past is inferior. Art must come out of the moment within minutes, if possible in seconds. Many paintings are done in one single brush stroke. Photography is the Zen ideal. Morikuni did fast paintings, which were then used for mass produced woodblocks.

UMPITSU SOGA (the Moving Brush in 'Rough' Painting') Publishers: Nishimura Genroku, Edo; Shibukawa Seiemon and Shibukawa Yozaemon, Osaka. REFERENCE: J. Hillier and L. Smith, 'Japanese prints 300 years of albums and books', London, 1980, no.24. Morikuni did not belong to the Ukiyo-e school and stood rather apart even in Osaka, where he lived. He studied under artists of both the Kano and Tosa schools. The drawings in the 'Umpitsu Soga' are in the Kano style and the woodblock technique is an early example of the method of securing gradated tonal effects by 'lowering' or scraping certain areas of the blocks and thus approaching the appearance of real brushwork more closely.

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The national treasure of Ireland: The Book of Kells

The first integral facsimile edition in the internet, plus hundreds of details. This is the Gospel illuminated by Celtic monks in the 8th century. A tremendous fascination for millions of people. This publication enables researchers in the whole world to study this milestone in the history of art. The book of Kells is the artistic center of www.visipix.com. Digitising this book is extremely difficult, it took us several attempts with 600 hours of work.

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Tassili n'Ajjer: Rocks with 10,000 years of art

270 rock-paintingsin the Algerian Sahara painted some thousand years ago. No publication on the subject comes near in quality and completeness. The master photographer Walter Novak, from Switzerland, made these absolutely stunning photos in 1975.
The sun in the Sahara creates incredible light effects between the rocks. We have not manipulated any colors. You must see this!

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Additionally, there is a serie with 124 photos of Tassili and other parts of Algeria, also all photographed by Walter Novak.

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Raphael Sanzio - The school of Athens

The greatest thinkers in the world from 800 BC to 1500 AC have accepted an invitation by the Academy of Athens for a virtual symposium in the year 380 BC. The travel expenses through time and space have been sponsored in 1509 AC by Pope Julius II (1503-1513) and technically managed by Raphael, wizard of brush and pencil. Raphael architected a virtual university building and placed in Athens for this prominent virtual symposium. He also managed the direct visilink of the philosophers informal apero-talks into the private library of the Pope, the Vaticans Stanza della Segnatura. The Popes supersize screen is a fresco 7 meters wide and 4.8 meters high (280 x 190 inches). An Epson beamer can make such a fresco also in your home.

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Doré's Inferno after Dante

Don't you wish to take a sightseeing tour through hell? Here's your chance!

Narration: Dante Your guide: Vergil Production manager: Gustave Doré

The Integral facsimiles of the illustrations by Gustave Doré to Dante Alighieri's "Inferno"

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Doré's Don Quijote after Cervantes

The immortal novel written 1605-1615. Don Quijote loses his common sense in the lecture of medieval books. Cervantes shows that it is possible to interpret the entire world in two different ways. One way is what we all agree upon, but one guy sees it totally different. Whatever we say and show - he can fit it into his crazy vision. It's not an uncommon phenomenon.

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Ernst Haeckel

Integral facsimiles. Haeckel published 100 plates from 1899-1904. He wanted to prove that art is not coming from angels kissing great talents, but from an aethetic quality in the laws of nature. In mathematics, we talk specifically about the universal principals of symmetry. The plates are great artistic creations, but art is not made by nature, it is invented by the human spirit.

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Comte de Buffon's complete 'Natural History'

The integral 1360 illustrationsof the 44 volumesof the "Natural history" by Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788), in a facsimile reproduction. Never completely reproduced anywhere else. You either bought an antique original edition (as we did) or you could not enjoy this oeuvre.

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Jean Isidore Gerard Grandville - Another world

Jean Grandville and Honore Daumier (1808-1879) were rivals of equal genius in the field of satire. "Another world" ridicules the "Zeitgeist", all that uncritical hallelujah for technical visions which promise us the sun and the moon. These derivated flow financers, option wizardry CEO's, modern object-artist-creationists, stock-market boost-advisors, society-lawyer-smarties in 45 flavours, Michael Jacksons beauty engineers and all that schmock and snuggle and muggle. Our Jean Isidore exposes them nuder than nude.

It is 160 years old. Be careful! It bites with all its teeth.

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Maria Sibylla Merian's 'Insects of Surinam'

The integral 69 fabulous hand-colored engravings of Maria Sibylla Merian's "Insects of Surinam"published 1705. Facsimile of the original publication of Hannes Keller's collection. Compare the pictures offered to you by other publishers (including tax payer financed museums), to what visipix is doing.

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J. M. Seligmann - Natural history of uncommon Birds

Nurenberg. Beautyful hand-colored copperplate engravings of extraordinary birds. A great combination of art and science, aesthetics and observation.

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The scientific plant dictionary

The University of Applied Sciences, Waedenswil, Switzerland is internationally recognised for the classification of plants. It publishes the progress of this great task at visipix.com. The University provides the pictures and indexes them. Visipix scans and publishes them. The point: Large high quality pictures fit for print at the disposition of the world. Free also for commercial use.

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Large fractals

Only visipix.com offers you a large collection (about 500 totally different pics) of hi-res fractal graphics which you can print out in poster size. The other publishers give you nothing comparable for free.

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Crazy pictures

Nearly 700 crazy pictures by Prajuab Manklang, Bangkok.

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