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People using your pictures: Our regulations
All publications of pictures taken from visipix.com must include the author's name and the expression "visipix.com". This must be visible, e.g. directly below. An example can be found on the page "about copyright" People interested in an author's work may contact him through visipix.com. The author may use pseudonyms.

The use of pictures from visipix.com is prohibited in the use for the following publications: Sex industry, promotion of narcotics (tobacco, alcohol and drugs), criminalilty and extreme ideologies.

The use of a picture in the context of religion, politics and related organisations, must be as such, that the public will not conclude that the author and/or person(s) shown in a picture or visipix.com agree with the opinions of the publication.
The user must obey the common rules of respect, decency and fairness. E.g. the users are not permitted to change a picture from visipix.com in any offensive manner whatsoever. An example might be horizontally enlarged pictures of persons. The above would be a violation of the protective rights visipix.com grants its authors. The permission to use the picture would be void. In such cases visipix.com reserves the right to take legal action. For further details see our page "about copyright"
What can happen to my pictures?
Anyone has the right to download pictures published by visipix.com and apply them for private and/or commercial use, free of cost for private use only and without registering, exeptions in the paragraph above.
Commercial users please read "about copyright"

Private uses:
Schools, conferences, invitations, post cards

Commercial uses:
Journalism, books, book covers, advertising, travel catalogues
Maybe sporadically a picture from visipix.com will be used e.g. in an advertisement for tooth paste. Nice toothpaste manaufacturers will send nice gifts to the picture author.
What do I have to legally sign?
You allow visipix.com to publish the pictures which you supply

You allow everyone in the world to use your pictures privately for free, according to the regulations of visipix.com (see: "about copyright").

You keep your copyrights. Visipix.com only has the right to publish your material and allow third parties to do likewise. You can deny permission to any further publication, by registered letter 3 weeks in advance.
However you cannot influence earlier copies - unless there is a breach of the regulations (see "about copyright").
What can happen to me concerning copyright?
An example:

A picture shows a family. A publisher uses it for a book cover. Suddenly, a member of the family states that the publication infringes his or her personal integrity.

Visipix.com published the picture, assuming that the supplier aquired the consent of everyone involved. If the supplier acted in good faith when he gave us the picture, and if the publication is indeed an infringement to a third party, visipix.com will answer to the consequences.
Its intent is to offer fair compensation. Visipix.com could also forfeit eventual legal costs to counteract unfair claims.

On the other hand, if the supplier of the picture was not acting in good faith or was grossly negligent, Visipix.com would be forced to deny all responsibilities.

The policy of Visipix.com will be one of generosity, making all reasonable efforts to protect the suppliers of pictures. It should not be a disadvantage for anyone to release pictures to the world.
Do you or we computerise (scan) your pictures?
  • The easiest for visipix.com would be if you send us pictures ready for the use on computers. These would be pictures taken with a digital camera, or pictures scanned by you.
  • We can lend you equipment to scan pictures.
  • We scan the pictures. You lend them to us. We will return them to you with CD's of the digitized pictures.
Of course, all this does not cost you anything.
Various ways to send your pictures to visipix.com
Of course you just lend us the pictures. We copy them and send them back to you.

Please send them:
  • On CD's, Floppies, optical disks, Zip-disks or even harddisks (We can lend you equipment)
  • By E-mail
  • On slides and negative films
  • E-mail us for an upload-account
Please contact us before you send a bulk of items which we have to return to you, because our copying capacity might momentarily be limited. We also must arrange insurance and eventually customs clearance.

Our adress is:

Visipix.com Inc.
a.H. Hannes Keller
Im Boden 3
8172 Niederglatt | Switzerland

Fax: 0041 (0) 44 850 17 26

Together: Categorising and commenting upon your pictures
To make the search easy, we categorise the pictures as precisely as possible, according to themes and places.

Please help us and supply as much information as you can.

But: Do not stop sending us pictures because you do not have the time to comment them. We can always categorise a lot ourselves by what we see and you can add infos later.

We can put your pictures into a protected area in the internet, where you alone have access with a password. There you can add comments very comfortably. We then complete the infos and publish the pictures after your OK.