About Copyright

You are allowed to use all our pictures privately and commercially without paying anything or any other formalities.

Please follow our five rules of fairplay:
1. Each picture you use must carry the names of the author and visipix.com
This applies to all publications, e.g. webpages, printing matter etc. See example on the right. If this condition is not met, you do not have a valid license to publish the picture and must face legal charges as defined by copyright regulations.

Exceptions : Sometimes there are reasons why this rule cannot be applied properly, as i.e. in television. Please contact us for a special arrangement.
2. Pictures cannot be used for the sex industry or the promotion of tobacco and alcohol.
It is prohibited to use the pictures in any way which might be contradictory or insulting to an authors principles: extremist political groups, fundamentalistic religious groups, free churches (i.e. scientology, moony-sect etc.) and any illegal issue.
3. The use and presentation of the pictures must be decent and fair.
4. Competitors of visipix.com may not use more than 50 pictures for each publication.
Ask for more, if you have a good reason. This applies for e.g. the free CD-Roms which accompany PC magazines.
5. Exclusive rights
If a company wants to use a picture in an advertising campaign, it has a vital interest to exclusive rights. In this case pictures can be bought and removed from free public access through visipix.com. The fee will be negotiated between the user and vispix.com, who will act as the authors agent for this transaction.