Visipix fights for your right of unlimited access to internet reproductions of our world heritage of fine art

For you: Print quality repros for free.
No licency formalities and no payments are required.

Sometime in the future we hope to offer you 2 Million exhibits.

Since 1999 we have employed six full time workers in the living room of the home of the founder of
He gets neither salary nor rent.

We need financial support for salaries, technology and internet-bandwidth

(on the left: Walter Novak, one of many contributors of photos to Visipix)
How to make a donation
1. Mail cash in an envelope:

You could put any paper currency into an envelope and mail it to:
Mr. Hannes Keller
Im Boden 3
8172 Niederglatt

2. Credit cards or PayPal:

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3. Transfer to our bank account:
KK 1100-1260.024 Keller-Frei Hans
IBAN CH72 0070 0110 0012 6002 4
Zürcher Kantonalbank
Bahnhofstr. 9
8001 Zurich

4. Bitcoin - The smallest amount helps:

Bitcoin: 18AX3SLs9ukhjbb3RhYF9gUapsWmzXpgpa bitcoin
4. Buy shares (1.000 US$ up)

Up to now has been financed with 300.000 US$ risk capital, mostly invested by the founder Hannes Keller. A big sponsor, maybe an airline, might buy the shares, turn into a foundation and enjoy the worldwide goodwill. It is then expected that the shareholders make a profit. But: The risk of losing all money instead of this is very real.

It is our intention to informally pay back donations from 300 US$ up, plus an interest rate if and when becomes profitable.
The paradox
98% of the persons who profit from might not contribute.

They have the right and the privilege for this. We at visipix fight with all our heart for this. If you donate to us, as maybe 2% of all our guests, you share our fight for the benefit of the other 98%!

Is this stupid? Or a paradox? Or what?
Certainly not. It is just an optical illusion. Everybody gives and takes in a million occasions. The most stupid thing would be, if everybody receiving something would always immediately pay back. That would be the end of all generosity and be a cold, merciless, totally commercialised world. Graciously take gifts, and graciously give occasionally. is about making gifts, but is now in need of some. In this respect, is not a vision, it is plain normality which you see everywhere. An example: Do you pay for Google services, for Emails . . .?
Contact, liability and confidentiality
I, Hannes Keller, am personally responsible to you.
I can be reached European time on workdays 8 AM Central European Time to 7 PM.
Phone : 0041 (0) 44 850 18 62
Fax: 0041 (0) 44 850 17 26
All data concerning money are confidential and under the very strict data protection and banking secrecy laws of Switzerland. Donators are entitled to reasonable controls that their contributions are only used for the purpose of keeping free and for its progress. Be assured that no unauthorised third parties have access to donation data

Hannes Keller Niederglatt,
November 12th, 2003