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Pictures on Visipix:
The Bistro
The Chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay of Star Cruises and the Norwegian Cruise Line shares his joy as the collector of some of the greatest masterpieces in the history of fine art with his cruise guests. This is generous and genius.

In his garden scene, Vincent van Gogh experiments with pointillism (see Seurat and Pissarro). This painting is very important as a masterpiece and in its unique context in the history of art.
The bathing girl of Auguste Renoir is one of the best paintings in his oeuvre. We discussed it during an exquisite dinner. Every five minutes one of our party rushed to the Renoir to look at a detail. On which finger is the golden ring? We wondered if the bleeding wound on the girls leg signifies that she just lost her virginity or if Renoir is one of those „you get what you see and nothing is symbolic”. I got into Google to find out if the French wear their wedding rings on the left or on the right hand.

The left hand it is. Therefore the girl was not married. Virginity could be a problem. In France? Really? Too bad, we are not only hours – but over 100 years too late to rescue the lady in distress. Soon several people including a waiter joined the discussion. Too bad that Auguste Renoir could not be reached with our handies. But whatever he would have said, it must be considered that many paintings reveal more than the artist himself is aware of.

The evening with Renoir and the girl was a highlight of our voyage.

The masterpieces of Claude Monet and Henri Matisse represent precisely the intention and the style of these important impressionists artists.

I love these works of art with all my heart. I loved the ship, I loved to dine among the paintings and the replicas. New ideas came up.
The «Impression» restaurant with its collection of wonderful impressionist paintings
In the very pleasant IMPRESSIONS Restaurant you enjoy excellent replicas of the most famous impressionist paintings, especially by Vincent van Gogh.

Here we see what I believe to be a “free re-creation” painting in the style of “Madame Monet and her son Jan on the cliff”. Monet painted it in 1875, Of course you see a good repro in Visipix.com. The original is in the National Gallery in Washington DC.

Now the question: The original measures 40 x 34 inches. The re-creation is about 80 x 68. It fits perfectly into the restaurant decoration. Does this signal a lack of respect for Monets artistic intentions? Absolutely not! First: There is not a grain of doubt that Madame Monet loves to be in this restaurant. The context is perfect for her. Her son Jan is not in this painting. It is late, so he sleeps in his cabin. Second: Monet loved giant canvasses, but could not carry them very far. He solved the problem with his private park, bridge, romantic ponds and all - when he could finally afford it. Third: Canvas sizes are very relative. Double your distance and their appearances shrink to half size. The picture of a human face is never wrong with life-size but but sometimes it must fit into a church fresco and sometimes into a family photo album.

Dining in this restaurant is a stimulating experience and great joy.