Cemetries are also mortal – St. John at Antigua

The pictures on Visipix:
The cemetry shares its own death with the people buried here. The newest readable inscription on a tomb is from 1865 – the only exception is the grave of a priest who died some years ago.

The main trees are also dead. In their death they have their own strange beauty. The church is a ruin. The big clock has lost its hands. There is debris all around.

The key sequence of Jurassic Park 1 is this: „Life always finds a way“. This is a fact also here in Antigua. Inside the ruin of the church where you expect the core of death and destruction people have started to build a new church, seats, roof and all. It is a very beautiful church. One feels well in it. One of my photos shows a large wooden cross lying on stair next to an empty chair. The cross is unused. New. No holes. One can fantasize about ascension and resurrection with an alternative story before. Not Christ punished, but the church. This is what you see here at Antigua.

The question came up why we have never seen a painting of Christs cross empty, after the crucifixion. It would have been a theme for Matthias Gruenewald or for Hans Holbein the Elder or for Albrecht Duerer. I assume it would express the feelings of people before resurrection became a certainty for the Christians.