Manhattan 2005

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No place in the world is like Manhattan. It is stimulating new ideas, new enterprise. There are opportunities all around you. People are ready to listen to new projects, take risks, accept something sounding wild and new.

This picture shows the moon over the city. The window reflects my reading lamp which does its best to help me reading this city and understand my future. Bert Brecht’s city named Mahagonny crosses my mind: “O moon of Alabama we now must say good-bye. we´ve lost our good old Mama et cetera et ceteraaa.

In Zurich I myself am definitely in the wrong city and the wrong country, facing the wrong decision makers. Especially now with my which needs creatuve alliances.

Switzerland follows a strategy of minimising risks. My preferred strategy is about maximising chances.

Connectivity in Switzerland is profit-oriented. My connectivity is about a life which is rich of ideas, learning and experiences and of course a lot of mistakes. It is unbelievable what one can do in life. But most of the time I am busy removing barriers, for me and for others. is such an attempt. It’s a risk. It could break my spine.