Kasimir Malevitch (1878-1935 ), suprematist from 1915-1935
and Japanese Kimono fashion of 1885

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Malevitch's work In 1915 Kasimir Malevitch published his manifest “From cubism to suprematism”. Suprematism means consequent abstract painting of basic geometry: squares, triangles, cubes etc.
On May 11th 2000 a museum in New York sold a major work by the Russian painter Kazimir Malevitch at Phillips It fetched.

This Suprematist composition measures 33 by 33 inches.

Lesson 1: Think again about art and prices. On TV I saw a film about EBay. For 2 seconds the following offer was visible among others: Nr. 2223164089 - Original drawing of Kazimir Malevitch, 4 bids, now at 115 EUR. Fortunately I was recording the report. When reviewing it I called my wife and said: If this is genuine it is worth minimum 200.000 USD. My wife said: Buy! It told her that we are weeks too late. Later in the film an art dealer said that once he bought a picture for about 250 EUR, selling it then to another dealer for 5000 and then it appeared again at EBay USA and the price was at 25.000 USD while raising rapidly. Then - he said - he did not want to follow the auction and see the final sale. I assume that this concerned the Malevitch.
“Suprematist viewing” was not an invention. At a certain phase in the history of art it was ”in the air”. The reduction of cubism to basic forms such as triangles and rectangles and also basic colors such as white and black and red – guided artistic creation directly into the embrace with applied every-day design such as food arrangements, textile cuts etc.

We added two Japanese Kimono catalogues to our collection. No doubt, the unknown creator(s) of these want to be artists and they are. Their sense of poetry and their boldness are extraordinary. One picture is a portrait probably of the taylor and his fabric maker. I am sure they were the best in their trade. Not many people would have the big heart to invest into these catalogues.