Who is behind this?

The founder and director of visipix.com Inc.:

Hannes Keller
8172 Niederglatt
Fax: 01 850 17 26
Curriculum vitae
Born 20.9.1934 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Studies in Philosophy, Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Zurich University. Parallel to studies, half-day position as mathematics teacher at the Technical University of Winterthur.

Research work for SULZER BROTHERS concerning stability of thermal power plant control systems. Colloaboration with Prof. Profos for two scientific publications.
«Inter Hi-Tec Inc.»
1959 Foundation of a small research company «Research lab for underwater technology Inc.».
Today the company is named «Inter Hi-Tec Inc.» This company has always developed new concepts and products at its own financial risk without any external subsidies. Back in 1959 the annual budget was 20.000 $ US. From 1964 to 1996 the average budget was about 600.000 $ US. The money came from license agreements with: US NAVY, Cdr. Cousteau, Royal Dutch, BABCOCK, PREUSSAG, VTG, DESCENTE JAPAN, SCHELLER CHEMICALS, VOBIS and IBM. The staff consisted of 2 to 10 employees as well as consultants.

Usually a new project was researched on a 5 to 10 year basis. Then the time for pioneering ended and large company management took over. Hannes Keller hit upon a fresh idea and started from scratch again. Sometimes intermittant enterprises for Television etc were hit upon. A spectacular TV-story with candid cameras was Kellers underwater monster emerging in Lake Lucerne.

Hannes Keller began as a pioneer in deep diving. He discovered the mathematical formula for mixed gas decompression tables to 1000 feet depth. In 1962 he broke the world record in deep diving, reaching 1000 feet depth in California near Catalina Island.
Dutch Inc. (Shell Oil) immediately purchased the license rights and, based on them, founded "Sub Sea Oil Services Inc." operating in the North Sea. In June 2000 Hannes Keller still holds the world record in sports diving with tanks and mixed gas but without a diving bell. During this special dive in summer 1961 he achieved a depth of 722 feet, as reported in Life Magazine, Argosy, Paris Match etc. Hannes Keller received international awards, by the Undersea medical society, Oceaneering, Boston Sea Rovers, Argosy's Giant of Adventure Award to name just a few.

Keller constructed pressure chambers for Navy's, hospitals etc. and specialised in deep diving systems for saturation diving to 1000 feet depth (Client consortium: Deutsche HANSA, OSA, VTG and PREUSSAG).
Diving suits and ski suits
As a by-product to streamlined professional diving suits, Hannes Keller also developed sports suits for professionals, especially in ski racing. Very many olympic medals and world competitions were won by the users. Japan's leading sports gear manufacturer, DESCENTE LTD Osaka, purchased all rights and has manufactured these suits since 1973, however for professional use only. The complex manufacturing process would render the suits being too expensive for the general public.
Personal Computers
In 1975 Hannes Keller started with Personal Computers. He produced and sold his own computer line (SESAM). He did not attempt to start a large factory, just wanted to learn the technology the hard way. For some time after that, "Hannes Keller Witch Systems Inc". became the largest systems house in Switzerland, specialising in IBM PC systems. At a level of 7 Mio.US$ annual turnover, Hannes Keller sold the company to SCHELLER Inc. and concentrated on software development.

Hannes Keller's main product, "Witchpen", followed by "Ways for Windows" and "Wizardmaker" corrected spelling while the user typed text in any wordprocessor under DOS, WIN 3.*, Win 95/98 or OS-2. 1994 EXWAYS was interduced, an patented witch installed a magic button on any programm while WAYS corrected spelling and offert it's giant makroprogramming. VOBIS Germany bundled Hannes Keller's programs into over 3 million PC's.
As opposed to WORD, Hannes Keller has a technology, where the spell corrector does not have to learn single mistakes, but corrects all common mistakes entirely automatically using a unique proximity procedure. For Win 9x, the German version of the "Wizard maker" is available on the market at 140 $ US. It also performs word-by-word translation and launches macro-scripts and macro-recordings within all active programs. In short, it simulates an automated user.

WITCHDESK by Hannes Keller is a full multimedia authoring system (world licence for OS/2 owned by IBM). For his company, Hannes Keller developed two "private" programming languages, providing his applications with unique features. These languages are in use today.
Jungle equals Internet
Then Keller developed new concepts of "fluid lists" showing on screen an insight into large databases such as phone-books, music-CD catalogues etc. One starts with a random view. If one types eg. "zar" the list immediately melts down to entries such as "Mozart" for example. One scrolls up and down and refines the search receiving immediate results. This is unique to the usual queries. Hannes Keller is a passionate lecturer on the philosophical and social aspects of information technology. Favorite titles: "The computer is neither a religion nor a science, but a cooking pot - the soup must taste good, not the chemistry behind it", "Internet and the global idea" and "Will Tarzan be king of the Internet". (Concept: Tarzan equals nerd. Jungle equals Internet. The winners are not the nerds but the cosmopolitans with full awareness not only inside but also outside the jungle.
Hannes Keller & music
As an amateur classical pianist, Hannes Keller occasionally performs in concert. He produced two CD's which were rewarded by classical radios. His carreer culminated, when, together with Theo Lieven he was soloist in Mozart's concerto for two pianos and orchestra KV-365 under maestro Zubin Mehta to an audience of 2000 people in California. Hear Hannes Keller play the piano
«Thinking about the future»
Hannes Keller organised a philosophical symposium with the title "Thinking about the future" in which Sir Karl Popper, Hans Jonas, Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Hoimar von Dithfurt, Walter Zimmerli, Eduard Pestel (a founder of the Club of Rome), Hannes Keller and others were lecturing.
The lectures were published in book form.
«Solidaritäts-Partei» (Solidarity Party)
Keller became more and more alarmed by the loss of jobs in many countries. He believed that high technology rivals human work and produces structural joblessness.
Keller devoted two years to political studies. He thought that a flexible guaranteed family income (negative tax) is needed to solve the problem of growing unemployment. Finally he reached another conclusion. The history of (receding) unemployment in Switzerland and USA shows that not hi-tech but poor policy is the job-killer.
Keller began lecturing at EU meetings and management seminars about "Internet and the globalistic idea".
In April 1999 he had the idea of visipix.com as one of the few big opportunities to build a great internet portal. He could not resist the temptation to jump into this and find out the hard way how good the good idea really is.