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The complete 2217 works of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

The high-quality repros
The comprehensive Van Gogh: J.B. de la Faille and Jan Hulsker numbered most works of Van Gogh. However the structured presentation has been modified by several publishers, also In most cases we agree with David Brooks at who offers an excellent gallery in the internet. We publish many of his images at his courtesy. Thanks again David.
Documents His letters in the web:
His letters in the web:
Van Gogh wrote about 850 letters which are the main source of information. They are very important for the History of Fine Art as well as the History of Literature.
His letters published in the internet:
The complete letters:

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His letters published in books (Direct links to
- Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
by Vincent van Gogh

- Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
by Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Roskill
Biographies and art books:
M.E.Tralbaut - Vincent van Gogh
Studio book Viking Press 1969
This is the best biography about Van Gogh. M.E. Tralbaut spent 50 years of research for this book. It is very well written. Very reasonable in his analyse. All good books following are based on van Goghs letters and this book. It is out of print but you can still find it in antiquaries. Buy it if you can, it offers excellent repros and photo documents.
Van Gogh, the Complete Paintings
by Ingo F. Walther , Vincent Van Gogh , R. Metzger At several editions $US 12.50 up.
The excellent books of Taschen Publications are based on Tralbauts research:
«Vincent van Gogh - A Biography» Published in 1913: Julius Meier-Graefe: Translations and reprints $US 6.95 up When Meier-Graefe wrote about van Gogh, the public was not aware of this name. Meier-Graefe tried to understand and explain van Gogh, the singular strange person. He understood his religous passion. But he had to assume many aspects. This led to legends and errors.
Walter Nigg: Vincent van Gogh. Der Blick in die Sonne. Ein biographischer Essay . Diogenes, Zürich 2003, 154 S., 19,90 EUR
Stefan Koldehoff: Van Gogh. Mythos und Wirklichkeit. Die Wahrheit über den teuersten Maler der Welt. DuMont, Kamp 2003, 303 S., 29,90 EUR USA Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Rowohlt Tb.; (February 1, 2003) ISBN: 3499506203 (Expected in 2004) Here comes a cleanup of the Vincent van Gogh legend.
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