Our vision

A prototype of the visionary World Art Supermuseum
Content of this page
- Happy visitors, provided with useful pictures
- What is "useful"?
- What makes a visitor happy?
- The supermuseum in the year 2005
- Five special advantages of online art
- What visipix has achieved in 30 months with its budget of 300.000 US$
- Ongoing improvements / immediate priorities
Visipix has one ambition: Happy visitors, provided with useful pictures
We believe that this is an excellent strategy for building and running the best picture museum in the internet. This strategy leads to immense popularity.

Visipix is the biggest art museum in the world
Structure and size 28.03.2003

All pictures manually enhanced and indexed. Unconditional free copyrights.
  • World art museum, all cultures 33.600 exhibits
  • Photo gallery, all themes except news 66.300 exhibits
Addition: Newsgroups. These exhibits are directly posted by third parties for viewing without granting copyrigths. Visipix contributes automatised publishing with sorted and cascaded thumbnails.
  • Visipix Photo Newsgroups server 34.000 exhibits
  • Visipix Art Newsgroups server 40.000 exhibits
What is "useful"?
  • Successful finding from an immense choice: The worlds largest, most versatile and interesting collection of art and large photos
  • All cultures and subcultures. All themes and centuries.
  • Publishing exclusive content not found elsewhere
  • Efficient finding tools: The best index system
  • Great repro quality: Each picture is manually enhanced and indexed
  • Very large picture sizes. Facsimile quality, fit for excellent prints.
  • Selectable presentation formats (Each picture online in 6 sizes)
  • Pioneering new museum technology: Western pictures are to be viewed "left-to-right". Far and Near East pictures "right-to-left". The Visipix.com pictures are equipped with a convenient mirror button. Suddenly the true meaning of a picture becomes apparent. This is dramatic!
Note: Other rules for the Newsgroups
What makes a visitor happy?
  • The quickest spontaneous access: No formalities. No forms. No registering.
  • Instant downloading and free private use. Commercial user read "about copyright"
  • The visitor can forget all copyright questions
Note: Other rules for the Newsgroups

The artists preference for the biggest museum
  • Maximum number of visitors
  • Be present where "the others" are present
  • Easy collaboration with important organisations and institutions
The visitors benefit from the biggest museum
  • Maximum chance of minimum effort to find what one needs
  • Look at the success of super-libraries in all big cities
Quality from the best even to low medium
Yes. Visipix.com shows you over 600 van Goghs, 400 Goyas, 200 Rembrandts, 1500 Hokusais etc. many in the best repro quality you can see in the internet.

If a picture shows something worth to see, we show it to you, even when we cannot offer good technical quality. Visipix.com has "unlimited" storage space. Not so good pictures do not take space away from good pictures.
Unfortunately the greatest photos in the world are under copyright, tight and very commercial security. When Bill Gates purchased the Anselm Adams photos, they disappeared from the internet. Gradually Adams slips out of world culture awareness.

It is not perfection which counts. And not fussiness. It is the love for quality.
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