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The supermuseum in the year 2005

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Let us assume this:
In 2003 a company, a city or an other organisation has purchased Visipix.com Inc and runs the supermuseum on an annual budget of e.g. 300.000 US$. It has been converted to the legal status of a Cultural Foundation.

1 million exhibits of art and photography are now online. Plus 50.000 pictures, music and video clips related to the owners.
The supermuseum has become the worlds most popular center for art and photography, for everybodys pleasure, study, printing and publishing.

Visitors: All art students and art lovers in the world are frequent visitors. Annual visitors: 50 million. Monthly growth rate: 10%.
Picture supplies:
Every month 50.000 exhibits are added. Some are collected and published by the permanent crew. This concerns especially the great slide archives of gifted photo amateurs. A lot of world class photography covering all imaginable themes can and should be saved as part of the worlds cultural heritage. Tourism needs a large number of photos. A large part is uploaded from people all over the world, some directly from their digital cameras, even handy cameras. An interactive programme allows immediate indexing with text or voice.

Pictures with protected copyrights are uploaded into the newsgroups.

Scenario 1 - A city is the owner
Example: Bilboa. It has a large Guggenheim museum with a spectacular architecture. The city counsel of Bilboa says that "The museum solved the big problems of the city". It has put Bilboa on the world map. Tourism and business flourish. But the most important benefice is the personal pride and identification of the citizen. The city with the supermuseum as the worlds center of art is even more visible for the world and creates an expience of generous friendlyness.

What is your opinion in this old discussion: Is the Louvre a luxury for Paris? Would the people in Paris have more money in their pockets without the Louvre and its immense costs?

Scenario 2 - A "Swiss Foundation of Friends of Art" is the owner
A group of sponsors, the government, universities, museums, tourism and art dealers finances the supermuseum. It is still cosmopolitan and presents all world art. 10 % of its activities are devoted to Swiss. All Swiss artists can publish as many exhibits as they wish. Space is abundant. Photos cover all aspects of the country, especially those of interest for tourism.

Benefits: The value of all Swiss art collections raises with its international exposure. The benefits for the big collections easily covers the budget of the supermuseum.
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