Our vision

What we achieved in 30 months with a budget of 300.000 US$

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You can experience most aspects of the visionary supermuseum
  • More exhibits than all other real and online art museums
  • The largest online museum for Japanese art
  • The largest integral facsimile pictures online publication
  • The largest hi-res online photo gallery
  • The largest pictures in the internet (up to 30.000 pixels wide)
  • Special collections, e.g. 1700 pictures by Hokusai, 400 by Goya
  • Publication of masterpieces that the official history of art has forgotten, e.g. by the Japanese artist Sesshui, Daumiers rival Grandville etc.
  • Large scientific reference documentations: Rock paintings of Tassily, the system of plants by the Fachhochschule Waedenswil, the integral Buffon etc.
  • The Louvre works on a 6 million US$ project to publish an online catalogue of 165.000 mostly archived objects. Their publication format will be 200 x 200 pixels (for search, not pleasure).
  • Visipix.com has 175.000 pictures online
  • The Louvre shows 32.000 art exhibits. Visipix.com shows 35.000.
  • For pleasure and usabiliy, the visipix pictures usually have a size of 3000 x 2000 pixels.
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