Our vision

Ongoing improvements / immediate priorities

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Functionality near completion:
  • Japanese entry page.
    (98% complete). A must, since visipix.com is the largest online art museum for Japanese art with many exhibits not published anywehere else.
  • High performance search engine.
    Another A multilingual, fault tolerant index is well adavced. The search combines name entries and explorer trees Planned to be online in September 2003.
  • Collaboration with major libraries and museums, access to great originals.
    We would e.g. like to get the various permissions to scan the original integral Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • LINUX with Apache instead of Microsoft
    (almost ready)
  • Better newsgroup indexing. Our newsgroup indexing is a prototype. We work on a better program.
  • Extended newsgroup activities.
    We look for alliances, personal links, partially automatised relationships. Absolutely fascinating!
  • Individual picture indexing. All library indexes need periodical gardening.
    This means expansive hidden quality gain. This is scheduled for the time after we have the buyer-sponsor has taken over.
Art is the face of the world
Art is a window into your own soul

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