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 The "East-West mirror" button

This button introduced by Visipix mirrors pictures from right to left

Why? East and West have different ways of looking at and seeing art

1: How Japanese people look at Utamaros painting (detail)

Japanese look from right to left

First they see the peony flowers on the upper right. Then the head of the woman and then her body. Then they read the text top down from right to left. The text first mentions the flowers and then the woman.
Classical Chinese, Japanese and Korean texts are written from right to left. A strong habit of looking at everything from right to left has formed.

2: Westerners look in the other direction - wrong for Japanese art

Westeners look from left to right

Westeners must look though a mirror to see with Japanese eyes:

As Westerners, we see now a totally different picture. Since 25 years this picture is in our bedroom. I am shocked. Now I have the original and a mirrored printout.
The printout is the stronger and better work of art. It has more visual drama. Instead of sweet subordination, the woman shows some aggressiveness.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean persons should be looking at Western art - and even some photos - using the East-West mirror button.

This is the Mona Lisa as presented for Western eyes

This is the Mona Lisa that is needed for Japanese viewers

The Visipix Internet Technology puts an end to a big 500 year old cultural misunderstanding. Everybody can now see all pictures with the artists eyes, revealing his true intentions.

Download our Java-code for the buttons for free and use them also commercially. Please give credit to