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The 1000 Mangas by
HOKUSAI, Katsushika (1760 - 1849)
This started one of the most ambitious
projects in art: Teaching us all
how to see things with our own eyes

Visipix.com publishes here the complete
15 volumes in facsimile quality.
This is a world premiere in the internet

The success of western culture is based on the 'Enlightenment':
Think with your own brain, find your religion in your own heart.
I go that far: I prefer to be wrong with my own brain - and do my darndest to learn, especially learn from others - than to blindly depend on somebody else's belief. We learn this from Socrates, Luther, Lessing, Kant, Popper and others.

What the western culture achieved verbally, Hokusai does visually. Artistic genius and wise teachings are well balanced. Nothing could be more difficult.

Responsible for all commentaries and mistakes: Hannes Keller
Webdesign: Raphael Hirschi

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Integral Facsimiles:
Other masterpieces:

Yang shang, a little boy, threw himself at the hungry tiger in order to save his mother's life. The tiger was so impressed, or baffled, or both, that he retreated to eat somewhere else.

About this publication :

Visipix.com proudly presents the first integral facsimile reproduction of the mangas in the internet.

Hokusais "landscape format pictures" were cut and printed on two adjacent pages as separate "portrait format pictures".

Visipix has reconstructed the full pictures and has adjusted and liberally doctored non-fitting graphics at the seams. We publish both, the half-pages and the full-pages.

As far as we know, you are now the first persons in history who can enjoy all the full-page mangas the way Hokusai would have liked people to see them.

Visipix.com presents its own new English translation of all texts and titles and the interpretation of many stories told by the pictures.

A complete edition, probably early Meiji period, right after the publication of the 15th volume from Hannes Kellers collection was scanned. The volumes 4 and 5 from another edition were published earlier by visipix, but at that time not in facsimile quality.

(detail) Eating and Hokusai are fun

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