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Who is behind this?
The founder and director of visipix.com Inc. is:

Hannes Keller
8172   Niederglatt 
Fax 01 850 17 26
E-Mail [email protected]

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Curriculum vitae
Born 20.9.1934 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Studies in Philosophy, Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Zurich University. Parallel to studies, half-day position as mathematics teacher at the Technical University of Winterthur.

Research work for SULZER BROTHERS concerning stability of thermal power plant control systems. Colloaboration with Prof. Profos for two scientific publications.

1959 Foundation of a small research company «Research lab for underwater technology Inc.». Today the company is named «Inter Hi-Tec Inc.»

This company has always developed new concepts and products at its own financial risk without any external subsidies. Back in 1959 the annual budget was 20.000 $ US. From 1964 to 1996 the average budget was about 600.000 $ US. The money came from license agreements with: US NAVY, Cdr. Cousteau, Royal Dutch, BABCOCK, PREUSSAG, VTG, DESCENTE JAPAN, SCHELLER CHEMICALS, VOBIS and IBM. The staff consisted of 2 to 10 employees as well as consultants. 

Usually a new project was researched on a 5 to 10 year basis. Then the time for  pioneering ended and large company management took over. Hannes Keller hit upon a fresh idea and started from scratch again. Sometimes intermittant enterprises for Television etc were hit upon. A spectacular TV-story with candid cameras was Kellers underwater monster emerging in Lake Lucerne. 

Hannes Keller began as a pioneer in deep diving. He discovered the mathematical formula for mixed gas decompression tables to 1000 feet depth. In 1962 he broke the world record in deep diving, reaching 1000 feet depth in California near Catalina Island. 

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